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The conference sessions will have a object of discussion the different steps of the organic matter cycle in the environment. The keynote talk will be followed by 3 talks, and posters later in the afternoon will complete the picture. We are going to reserve time to discuss with the invited speakers and within discussion groups.

Session title Keywords
S1: Nutrients enter the cycle Erosion, weathering, N2 fixation, photosynthesis
S2: Nutrients intersections, microbes Trading of resources, associations, nutrients tranfers, symbiosis, assimilation
S3: Nutrients intersections, plants Translocation, repartitioning
S4: Nutrients and food webs Stoichiometry, trophic levels
S5: Nutrients splitting apart Mineralisation, degradation, enzymes
S6: Nutrients... should I stay? Immobilization, aggregation
S7: Nutrients... should I go? Source apportionment, pathways, losses to atmosphere, landscape
S8: Nutrients... all in a spin! Eutrophication, primary production, food webs
S9: Nutrients recap Modelling
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