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Agroscope together with the institute of agricultural sciences of ETH and FiBL organize the XVe Congress of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA) in Geneva from the 27th to the 31th of August 2018. The congress will focus on innovative cropping and farming systems for high quality food production. Registration and abstract submission will open in autumn 2017 (

14th ICOBTE, International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, 16-20 July 2017, ETH Zurich

IsoCycles, international conference on light isotopes of nutrients, 15-20 October 2017, Monte Verità, Ascona (CH)

PSP6, Phosphorus in Soils and Plants, 28-31 August 2018, Leuven (BE)


Prof Emmanuel Frossard gave an interview to the radio suisse romande on the role of soil for society and the environment. The interview was transmitted on the last day of the international year of the soil, 31st December 2015 (in French).
Prof Emmanuel Frossard a donné une interview à la radio suisse romande sur le rôle du sol pour la société et l’environnement. L’émission a été diffusée pour le dernier jour de l’année internationale du sol le 31 décembre 2015.


Prof. Frossard is on the ETH magazin "Globe"

Emmanuel Frossard and Rainer Schulin have written an extensive article on their joint research on Zn and P plant nutrition.


On the 16th of September, the doumentary "10 Milliarden - Wie werden wir alle satt?" by Valentin Thurn, was projected in the framework of "Zürich isst". After the movie, Astrid Oberson (Group of Plant Nutrition, ETH), Peter Braun (Swiss Food Center), Michael Kreuzer (Group of Animal Nutrition, ETH), and the director Valentin Thurn discussed with the public.

Group meetings and seminars at the Group of Plant Nutrition

This is the list of the Group meetings and seminars for the Summer Semester 2017. The seminars will be accompained by a graphical abstract (pdf file to download).  Seminars and group meetings take place at the Eschikon research station.


Group meeting


Group seminar


14.02 Zoe Bernasconi, Fabian Hess    
06.03, 8:10 to 10:40   Special seminar: PhD applicants for SNF project  
  Pierre Stevenel  
      Phosphorus availability and its interaction with plant belowground carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus input into a Ferralsol (PDF, 190 KB)
17.03   Stephanie Cheesman
Stories from a life after the PhD: Development Advisor in Northern Namibia (PDF, 47 KB)
Seher Bahar Aciksöz Özden, Moritz Camenzind, Christoph Bracher    
20.04, 9:00   Camilla Lemming Soil P availability after long-term applications of different waste types (PDF, 25 KB)
21.04, 9:00   Paul Voroney Cropping and soil management effectes on the dynamics of soil organic matter constituents (PDF, 195 KB)
25.04   Hao Chen Dynamics of soil microbes and N, P nutrients in semi-arid grasslands of North China (PDF, 113 KB)
02.05 Julian Helfenstein, Manja Künzli, Laurin Müller    
08.05, 10:30 to 11:30   Frédéric Gérard Coupling root system and reactive tronsport processes (PDF, 161 KB)
16.05   Timothy McLaren
The chemical nature and release of P in alkaline Vertisols of eastern Australia (PDF, 1.1 MB)
30.05 Richard Flavel   Root system architecture and the rhizosphere, how edaphic properties impact production (PDF, 83 KB)
20.06 Hao Chen, Josep Ramoneda i Massagué, Zala Schmautz    
27.06   Lin Yu Quantifying the effects of interacting nutrient cycles with ecosystem nutrition (PDF, 96 KB)
29.06 Carol Epper, Damien Tschopp    
04.07, 9:15   Maja Siegenthaler, MSc presentation  
12.07   Samuel Mathu Ndungu  
20.07   Matthias Wiggenhauser  
29.08   Thilo Dürr-Auster  
29.08   Dominik Weiss  
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